The Masked Chicken.

Welcome to my Masked Chicken Comic page. It is another creative outlet to express the complexities of life. By doing this cartoon I am aware of the great chance to be completely misuderstood. Please, feel free to ask me any questions you want in regards to what I am trying to express in any one of my comics. I am aware that sometimes my humour, although I mean well, can be inappropriate as humour often is. I do not support racism nor harming humanity in any way. ~Sincerely R.N. (A faithful, fit, Mother)

#1 This is my first comic. One day I was in a bit of trouble for forgetting to put a mask on my patient as I transported them to dialysis. I realized that all of the staff where properly wearing masks and spending large periods of time with this maskless pt, but that in the hallway they were somehow viewed as contagious. It made me contemplate the worlds war on masks. It made me realize that nurses spend hours, in close contact with patients. I became mindful of the contrast between a picture in my mind of myself holding a covid + patient on a commode chair and the idea of two people in society, standing six feet apart, afraid of one another because one of them is not wearing a mask. Consider what I am saying and spread love not germs.

#2. Although I make a reference to Dr Seuss books being banned I do not disagree with the banning. I don’t like books being banned for any reason, but I believe the Dr Seuss organization had its cause. What I am trying to say is that while we focus our attention on the immorality in one area of life we tend to replace it with another. In this comic I am referring to the fight against racism and the value of life disregarded as we watch murder shows for fun. While the fight against racism is a worthy cause, there is also a war to be waged for the value of life as a whole. This is an endless fight. We need to stay conscious and aware of it.
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