Here are just some of the things I have learned in my short time being a mother.

Always have fresh fruit or vegetables prepared in the fridge. Toddlers need a snack, and when they do it is RIGHT NOW!

You are not alone. No matter how deeply you feel alone that depth does not make it true. You may say something like “Renee I am a single mother and I just moved to town!” What happened to the people you know? Could you call up an old friend or family member? There are so many strangers out there who are great future friends. Be friendly. There are also help lines. Just call.

A kind answer really does turn away wrath. (Proverbs 15:1) This is especially true when dealing with a tired husband, wife or toddler. Talk to them the way you would want to be spoken to. Our mothers can become the voice inside our head.

I actually need Jesus to be a parent. I mean, for me, to be a really good one. I need spiritual help. I can be a good person in my own strength, but on a bad day when I need a nap the most all of that goodness is thrown out the living room window.

Say YES to good/safe Grandparents when they want to babysit.

Say NO to others when needed. You will know who those people are. Trust instincts. I believe it is a gift of knowledge given to you as a Mother to help keep your babies safe. We are their appointed guardians.

Love yourself. I am teaching my children through my example how to manage themselves. Nothing has taught me about loving myself more than having my first child.

Say thank you to your partner more. My husband really is my partner in crime. I need him. He sets the stage for me to be a good mother.

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