Letting go

When I consider the peace of God I see an image of me falling backwards off a mountain towards a river bed of jagged rocks. The falling is my life. The rocks are the inevitable.

So I lay my head back and take it all in. With arms spread wide open my hands hang loosely. My fingers extend themselves while taking note of the wind. I close my eyes. A smile spreads across my face. It is because of a knowing. Somewhere inside of me is a place of faith that says that God in all of His goodness will catch me whether in death or in life. There is a knowing in my soul that says YOUR LIFE IS IMPORTANT and I WONT LET YOU GO? God actually has complete control of this situation.

He will rescue me. He will save me in my powerlessness, and all those things I hold dear in my hearts sacred space He has already considered. He has taken thought of all that I hold dear no matter how small or insignificant.

He will rescue.

He will save.

He is the author of it all and He is beyond good.

So in this world full of potentials, fears, and anxieties I encourage you to let go. To feel the fall. To wonder about it all in a way that only you can wonder.

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