“I am Blessed”

These very words spoken, and believed help me to maintain a better perspective. They are alive and they turn everything around into wonders. I then no longer see obstacles, but rather my gifts/opportunities. In these spoken words I find grace, and in this sacred grace I become thankful.

It is what I say to myself when life’s to do list weighs me down and I become discouraged.

(I am so thankful that I have all of these things to do. I am rich with opportunity.)

It is what I say in my mind/heart when I am busy making supper, and no one else is there to help me.

(I am so thankful for food and the ability to make supper.)

It is what I say when I look into the passing mirror, and see my perceived flaws.

(I am thankful for the honour to grow older. I am so thankful to be healthy and alive.)

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