Helpless Humanity

What makes a person so able to destroy another life?

I am going to tell you the answer.

It’s not evil, although it is evil to do so.

It’s not demons or anger or jealousy.

The main cause is the thinking or thoughts of a person.

The Germans thinking that the Jews were not people were able to act in horrible ways.

Imagine being the mother holding your baby, both naked in a cement room. You stagger back and forth as others, also naked, clamour against you.


Unable to breath.

Your love for your baby overwhelms you.

All your treasures, joys, and hopes for them drain out of your soul like the oxygen from your veins.

You, uselessly cling to life and to your baby.

Both Gone.

A treasure chest of potential wrapped up in humanity destroyed.

All because they are not like their captors.

All because of one persons thought.

Reading this you say to yourself that those Germans were a different kind of people.

I am here to tell you no.

It’s you.

It’s me.

We are just like them.

We are able to do the unimaginable all because of the way we believe.

Our thoughts hold us captive.

We abort our future because it’s just tissue.

We enslave others to fulfill our sexual desires.

We avoid the pain of relationship(s) by sitting in front of electronics.

We electronically strip others of their dignity because they are different or hold a different view.

We isolate ourselves from cultures rich with colour and beauty because of patterns in our brain.

Patterns handed down to us by our parents, like gifts we hold them close.

Those patterns empowered by fear become a beast.

They roar “because I fear you I will destroy you.”

They hold their force against another’s neck until life lets go.

They judge and sentence without confrontation.

“Help me” cries the soul of humanity.

“Help me to breathe!”

“Help me to believe again and hope.”

“Deliver me before humanity melts away from the earth.”

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