It’s there lurking in your pocket, purse or hand. You never leave home without it. It’s always close.

You let it inside of your most valuable moments. You take it to the bathroom. It’s there when you brush your hair. You place it next to your bed as you sleep or, make love. You take it on dates. Dinners for two are now dinners for four. It’s near to you when you are sick. It’s your most real friend. It’s usually always listening.

This thief is so sly.

It says it’s your friend and has your best interest at heart. It steals your time while capturing your mind and dividing your attention into slices. An imposter who captures your past in photos while trying to aim your thoughts.

Your baby glances up at you with love in their eye. You miss it. The moment is stolen all because you are looking away. “Daddy Daddy” your little girl yells as she comes out of her room spinning round in a princess Elsa dress. “Look at me” her spirit whispers. “Am I beautiful?” What could be more important? Her identity hangs in the balance of that response.

Your partner lays next to you beautifully. With their freshly moisturized skin and their hair laying purposefully out of place. You reach out and touch them but not with your mind. It’s a one handed reach. Your attention is divided, but it’s justified, right?

But you must make that photo book or answer that comment. You notice that someone got married today. Maybe you will play a game. Oh ya, you have to call someone back. Oh look at this article. Just a quick read. Next thing you know the day is over and your no closer to anyone. Are you feeling confused yet?

So much future regret in a bank account waiting for the right time. Will you be excited to cash out?

You stumble through your days. Your thoughts are divided you miss out on moments of conversation when someone wants to share their heart. Treasures of a far more lasting kind linger around you waiting for your attention. STOP! Stop giving up your moments of heaven to float in this sky.

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