Life is beautiful.

You find yourself smiling as you walk through the garden of your own life.

The flowers of joy spring up all around you even as the snow of the world flies.

The green grass grows like fresh thoughts of the future.

A hope lays ahead of you on its path.

As you live happily distracted invisible arms set a box upon your back.

The box is labeled worry.

The weight of it causes you to bend over.

You find yourself standing too close to the flowers, the colours blur.

Closing your eyes, you take a deep breath to take in their smell.

The floral scent floods your brain like a rainbow.

Appreciation is found in the position you are in.

The arms of the world reach out to you and sets yet another box upon your already bent back.

The box is labeled fear in big black ink letters

The weight of it brings you even closer to the ground.

You now pretend to work the soil of your garden pulling roots from its depths in an attempt to protect your life from the weeds.

As the winds change the sun shines upon still another box set upon you.

Big red letters are scrolled across it. It reads enough?

The pressure causes you to lean even further into the ground.

Able to move your arms, you reach your hand into your right pocket

You start to sew seeds.

No one notices your burdens because your are productive.

Your smile illuminates itself up at the world.

Despite this, without regard for your capacity the world sets another large box upon you.

It’s writing is lost to you.

Your attention now fully placed on the feeling of the ground.

It presses firmly against your body.

You can still breathe, although it is more difficult.

Awareness of the weight causes you to breathe deeper.

Feigning relief, you allow yourself to lay there as though you could do anything different.

You tell the world it’s time, for the rest you have not been taking.

Only the clever see it’s not a choice to do so.

Even the weight of a butterfly could compress you, you lay still.

Then a soft voice moves through you.

It moves through your heart.

It moves through your mind.

Peace takes over the chaos.

Strong hands reach out to you.

Slowly the boxes are lifted off.

Love himself brings rescue.

His voice is warm, and all knowing.

”Come to me with your weariness”

”Share with me all your cares”

So you stand up brave enough to face the world.

Love remains firm on your behalf.

It chooses you.

Because of Him you once again see the beauties of your garden.

The boxes still provide the weight, just not in your arms.

Heaven takes over your burden, and because of Jesus you are free.

Matthew 11:28-30

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