1023, on a weekday, I was sitting in the kitchen drinking too much coffee. Our daughter picked up her stuffed tan dog and started dancing around the kitchen waving it in the air. Wearing nothing but her diaper she joyfully staggered around on her little toddler feet. Everything was more Beautiful because of her.

My mother heart felt as though it was swelling rapidly with wonder, love and appreciation. Her vibrancy astounds me. I am so in love with life because of how she responds to the world. I don’t want her to change. I have faith in her just as she is, knowing she will fall and rise up again in so many ways. I experience the ebb and flow of her being. Her life is playing out like a wonderful song. She is treasure in my eyes.

This moment brings my mind to the Fathers heart towards us. How must He feel about her in comparison to my own small human love? I am sure the Father doesn’t look at her and want to see religion. I know I do not. How can I as her mother want her to act or conform in a set way. I do not want her to be a cookie cutter example of a person. I want her to succeed uniquely. I want her to learn and grow character of her own. I welcome her diversity.

In Matthew 7:11 the bible talks about God in heaven being our Father and how he will do more good for us if we ask him. A comparison is made regarding us being evil and wanting to give good gifts to our earthly children verses a loving and all mighty God wanting to do the same. How much more wonder is there in knowing that He has those, infinitely magnified, Parental desires to love, protect and guide us. God desires for us to receive the fullness of His good.

God does not want to look at us through a lens of sin and law. This is evident in that He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross as the perfect sacrifice. Like any good parent, He would give up the best of Himself to be in contact with us. He longs to be intimately connected in relationship. He loves us. He wanted us to be free. God removed the lens of sin for himself to put on a lens of discovery and enjoyment. As our Father how much more wonder is in His viewpoint when He looks at us dancing around this earth. Surely, we are treasures in His eyes.

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