This is for you sweet friend.

You know who you are, a song bird from heaven that can never be caged.

There was always this liberating sound within you, and long ago it started to make an entrance into this world.

Now it pours out of you like great water rushing through holes in a broken dam.

It is an endless stream from an endless sea.

Psalms 23: 1 says The Lord is my shepherd, [You] lack nothing.

See it now like a long string or banner flowing?

With time and age it is getting better.

It grows out of the Fathers unfathomable love for you, for the world.

There is strength in it because of Him, and it dwells within His time.

His rich love has wound itself around you.

Let out that sound that only you can make.

He chose you to deliver it.

It flows purposely within His directional love.

It is living, alive.

It breathes, and resuscitates.

Continually it wraps itself around the broken hearted and brings healing.

So let it out.

Do not be afraid.

There is no apology for the tree.

There’s no apology for the flowers scent, or colour of its leaves.

There is no apology for the Autumn leaves as they fall along the pathway of the air.

The golden leaves fall to the ground, and glorify God just by landing in their place.

So then, see that there shall be no apology for you.

Just be, like that little red bird in His garden.

Be that sound that only heaven makes for the very wisest of hearts.


Psalms 27: 1-2 says The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid?

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