July 4th, 2020

I was standing at the kitchen sink when my 2 year old daughter approached me. Her outstretched hand was facing palm up. I think it was her right hand. She appeared to be handing me something. I made an exclamatory response and said “for me!” She responded that yes it was for me. I played along. I reached out with both my hands and grasped the invisible thing.

“Thank you” I replied. “What do I do with it?” I asked her. She just stared at me for a time. She was standing back from me with a unique look on her face. Puzzled, I asked her “Do I eat it?”

“NO!” she said firmly.

“What is it?” I enquired of her.

“Its a clock” she said softly.

“Ok” I replied while pretending to place the clock into my pant pocket. Then I went on with my day setting the moment aside.

July 5th, 2020

We decided to go for a family walk. The sky was blue and the clouds white and fluffy. My husband pushed our six month old son in the stroller as I walked along side our little girl. I couldn’t shake the moment when she gave me the clock. I had a sense about it and wanted to understand.

“Galia, can you tell Mommy about the clock you gave me?”

“It was a gift. I got it from when you were born.”

My husbands curiosity was peaked. “Who told you to give it to Mommy” he asked.

“God” Galia told him. She was casual in her conversation. Her matter of fact disposition was alarming to us both.

Needing to know more I asked her “What colour is the clock you gave me?”

“Green” was her answer.

Some time later my daughter and I sat on our back porch eating popcorn together. It was a warm summer evening. My curiosity at this point was spilling over. I repeatedly asked her questions about the clock. She would just look at me. I wanted to know what the clock was for, and why she had given it to me. Finally she told me “I got it from the man with the clocks” and “I wanted to give it to you.”

Since that time we haven’t spoken of the clock, but it has run through my mind often. I have so many questions and there are no certain answers. I tried to brush it off as an imaginative game from a two year old, but I am unable to. My daughter believes what she is saying and I have learned to trust her. So I continue to process it. To me, a clock has always meant the gift of time. Was it a gift of time? Is Jesus the man with all the clocks?

There are negative thoughts that come to minds well. I ponder and worry about my health. Since our sons birth and the covid pandemic I have had to face my fears surrounding death. Born out of fear comes the question ‘is this a reminder of how much time I have left?’ The thought of taking that afterlife road alone is numbing. But, we are never alone, right? So I had to take a look into scriptures to see what I could find.

“Where shall I go from your spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence. If I ascend to heaven you are there! If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there” (Psalms 139:7-8). Reader, I recommend you go and experience this passage for yourself. Read it slowly and consider it. The God of heaven and earth created us. He has seen us from the very beginning. He was with us when we were deep inside our mothers womb, and He will continue to see us through. We are not alone. This to me is a relief.

The questions continue to come. Did God give my little girl a special gift for me? What do you think or imagine? Could it be that there is so much more heavenly wonder right before our very eyes? Could it be that we just don’t see it? My daughters faith is fresh and flawless. It is not hindered by the world so maybe she walks right into the kingdom of heaven and communicates freely with God. After all the kingdom is for the little children. Jesus says “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).

The God of heaven and earth, our Father, stands outside of time. He stretched out the heavens (Job 9:8). He made the sun and moon (Psalms 104:19). He named the stars (Psalms 147:4). He is the clock maker and he holds our lives in his hands. So I leave these thoughts here, and settle for a life long contemplation. I can only hope that one day I will know the why. Maybe as I play along I will stumble upon more meaning. Maybe the rich joys of childlike faith will come back to me through my daughters influence. May God give us grace to enter in. Amen.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

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  1. You don’t have to understand it Little Renee . The wisdom and miracles of God are unbelievable . You’re very blessed 4 God to borrow you such a little angel…

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