Canyon Sprite

March14, 2021- Family Trip to Jasper, Alberta

My feet rested on the ice covered ground. With blue sky and mountains surrounding me I drank in deeply the clean fresh air. My face was uncovered and it felt good to breathe. My son was sitting with me on the log bench. The plaque on it continually paying tribute to a 24 year old male who had lost his life falling into the canyon in front of us. 

Sitting there I felt overwhelmed. My thankfulness for my son rose up from deep within my soul. His shiny eyes looked at me fondly while his little legs kicked in the air. He proudly sat beside me relishing in his ever growing independence.

“Make good choices my little son” I said tearfully. “Your life really matters.” 

I looked up to the sky and wept with raw thankfulness for the opportunity to be his mother and for the gift of sitting next to him. God has been so good to me and I have been so unworthy. “Thank you God” I exclaimed loudly. Over and over I told God how thankful I was to have been given a son. I imagined his throne in front of me behind the thin veil between this life and the next. I sat in the vulnerability of life. I felt the danger of the canyon below us and the weight of my parental responsibility to keep my son safe. His small frame in contrast to the large icy rocks touched my mind. 

Then I saw it. A little grey bird. To me, it was a living symbol of hope, courage, destiny and resilient purpose displaying itself boldly in nature. Its little body rocketed downwards towards the rushing blue water visible through a large opening in the ice. With wings tucked in it disappeared below the surface. 

I felt concern for it as it disappeared. I waited for it to resurface. When it did its movements appeared effortless and fearless. It hopped out of the water onto the ledge of the ice. Then it hopped back onto the water and swam on the top of it for a time. It looked as though it was moving along a conveyer belt. It was playing. It appeared almost joyous in comparison to its surroundings. It was exhilarating to watch.

For that little bird the raging waters of the Athabasca falls were a playground. It sat on the top  of my very own impossible and rode the waves. How powerful to walk into everyone else’s impossible and play. Imagine with what it would be like to dive into the danger and resurface unscathed by the force or the cold. Watching this little bird affected my heart. I was reminded that my son will be able to do whatever it is that God has created him to do. Even if it is impossible for the rest of us He will dive in and be safe. 

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  1. O my! Who is this 😳. Amazing story writer real and tender and powerful. I Love it. My Precious Grandson 💖 My Beautiful Family. My Blessings. Jesus Name Thank You

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