To Have Faith is an act of courage.

It takes courage to close your eyes and enter into the presence of an almighty God.

It is not a burden, but rather a special gift available to you if you are willing to receive it.

It is made possible by Jesus.

Jesus made the way spiritually for us to go straight to God.

Jesus was the perfect sacrifice

Why did we need him?

Because there was a rift between us and heaven.

A perfectly placed imperfection led the way for a story of salvation.

It is where God took his heavenly needle and weaved a thread throughout the stories of humanity and time.

He then, choosing to be for us not against us, gave us Jesus.

Jesus is Gods son.

Jesus is God.

The best of himself in human form.

The best of himself bending low to wash our feet.

Gods Spirit made it possible for his life.

God overshadowed Mary and in some odd way made love to her creating life within her womb.

I am not sure why we are surprised.

The very spark of power that set things in motion is able even within the laws of science to make something new.

Then there he was.

A small little life made from the genetics of a human woman and the genetics of Heaven.

The genetics of God.


The greatest life.

One set aside for a purpose.

Despite our resistance towards him, our rebellion and our mess his was a life set aside for OUR very own purpose.

As the most powerful being laid down in front of humanity sacrificing himself we scorned him for being weak.

Is it always a display of weakness to not destroy the life in front of you?

Should we always, even as mere mortals, exert the power in our hands to defend ourselves?

Jesus set down his humanity at the cross.

Being unconfined by death He took up his divinity.

Now on the throne, at the right hand of the God of heaven, Jesus himself intercedes for us.

So are you ready?

Close your eyes and take a step forward.

Enter in…

Say hello to heaven, the eternal and be open to the intimacy that is required to admit who you are.

Just breathe and believe.

Why not take a risk and see if He is there?

If he is not, then you have lost nothing.

If He is, then you have heaven to gain.

are you ready?

One Comment on “Ready?

  1. You are amazing inspiring very true the power of Jesus flows through you

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