April 11, 2018 

A life with children is magical. It can make even the most ordinary thing, like a leaf, a grand discovery. The wind in the trees, the movement of light on water, the reflection in a glass, and so much more becomes a “WOW” of wonder in my mind, but it really starts with them. They bring it out of me. They change my mind about the day that I am living in. Both my son and my daughter bring out the best in me. 

My daughter, my first born, has brought out the most creative side of my nature. On one particular day I was spending ordinary time with her and out of my heart came a little kids song. I can’t remember how it sounded, but I remember the idea of it. So I wrote it into a little story with a poetic twist. I did it for you my creative little daughter. I hope you enjoy it. The story has a moral, but I have yet to fully discover what it is. If you have any ideas on what it could be let me know.

There once was a boy who lived by the sea in a beautiful house made of wood and stone. 

There once was a boy in love with the sea and he went outside to play all alone. He skipped. He jumped. He sang along the shore picking up shells and other treasures in the sand. 

One day he jumped fearlessly into its depths. He loved the way the cool water washed over his body. Closing his eyes he calmly sank down to sit on its sandy floor. The fish, all afraid knew he couldn’t swim. So in haste they thought up a way to save him. They called out to their friends as they gathered around. Then with a hasty big gulp they drank up all the water. Their colourful bodies stretching tightly from the waters weight. 

The boy opened his eyes, feeling now quite startled, he stood up on the exposed ocean floor. Surrounded by sea glass, oysters and shells he saw the fish laying bloated looking quite sore. Then with a sudden realization of what was true he took off running towards the land. With great relief the fish then let go of the water. The colours of blue once again filled up the great boarders of the sea. The waves who resumed their crashing, reached out touching his feet. His mothers voice came to his mind as he remembered her warning. 

 “My son, you must gain control of the waters that move you before they take your soul.”

With breath still in his lungs, he said “Thank you” to the fish for saving him. Turning around homeward bound he noticed the sun smiling down at him as it touched the boarders of the sky. It was late and time for supper. 

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