You…my little laugh, 

my Happy, and sometimes my sad.

My run into my arms reminder that Im a safe place. 

You’re the “go away Mommy!” You need your space. 

The little mirror that shows me my ways. 

A copy cat who repeats every phrase.

My eventual forgiveness. A special kind of grace.

You see me as beautiful. I can see it in your face.

In you, is your father. In you, is me.

It’s a wonderful mix for the whole world to see.

You are my daughter. You are my son.

I am your beginning. You are my fun.

You are my sunshine, my intrigue, and whirling outer space.

Your voice is my rhythm, and a sporadic embrace.

You are my puddle jumper. I am your towel.

You are my hopeful destroying my scowl.

You are my wounding. I am your skeptic.

You are my jolly, and healing antiseptic.

You are my laughing. My lets play instead.

I am your tired and time to go to bed. 

You are my dancing in the light of the kitchen.

You are my buddy, my Paw Patrol Mission.

I am your Mother. You are my Sprout.

You are my faith that shatters my doubt.

Love Mom

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