None but one.

I have realized that I want to grow my own peonies. I want them to burst with colour in my own yard. I want their sweet smell to fill the air around me. So I took action and called around to various greenhouses. The local greenhouse told me they were sold out. There would be no more peony plants this season. I felt deeply disappointed by this but, I stubbornly chose not to give up.

I phoned another greenhouse out of town. They had only two plants left. I felt hopeful. The only problem was the flowers of those plants were yellow. I asked my daughter what she thought. “They are not pink!” she cried out. She was ready to shed actual tears at the thought of that compromise.

I decided to call a local Home Depot. Once I was put through to the lawn and garden department I was greeted by a young voice who then put me on hold. Once she returned to the call she willingly went to find out if there were any peonies left in stock. She returned to the call and told me yes. She said they had just received a selection of peonies, but they had no idea what colour they were. This news was very exciting. I have an odd faith that they will be pink. I did not want to settle down with the idea that it was the end of the season. I wanted to start my peony plant now. Its hard to want to do something, but realize it is too late. I was stubbornly pushing for options.

My daughter ended up napping right around the time I took that exciting trip to home depot. I planned to surprise her with my find once I returned home. My son came along instead. Like his sister, he also delights in flowers, and people. When we arrived at the store we were greeted by masked faces, bursting colours, and low swooping birds. As I pushed the large orange shopping cart through the rows of plants my son sat quietly watching the display. My eyes scanned the shelves. I could not find a single peony plant anywhere.

I found a young lady with the Home Depot vest, and asked her for some help. Her and another coworker searched the rows of plants. Still, there were none. I felt so very disappointed that it almost gave me a stomach ache. “Are you sure?” I asked persistently. She kindly and patiently proceeded to tell me she was sure. The lady I talked to must have mistaken the peony for another plant.

I stood feeling disappointed in the isle of bushes and greenery. I looked down at the concrete ground and said loudly “I forgive her.” The store employee was still standing at my left. Then as I let go of my disappointment I lifted my head and I saw it. There was one single peony plant, in a large round black container sitting right in front of me. I read the tag over and over to be certain. I exclaimed my surprise loudly, and the store employee smiled. It must be our last one she verbalized. She apologized that she was unable to help me more. I told her that it was ok and maybe it was God reminding me to forgive.

The store clerk scanned my items. When she got to my prized peony plant I inquired if there was more. She verbalized to me that they had zero in stock, and that according to the computer they didn’t even have this one. Writing it off as an inventory mistake the girl continued on to give me my total. I paid happily.

I was so excited. I had such big plans to plant three peony bushes in my yard, but now I was extra thankful for being able to plant just the one. I left the store with my very own little miracle, and a very large smile underneath my black mask. I could hardly wait to arrive home and plant our new addition.

Thank you God for common little miracles.

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