One day at work I sat in a coworkers office. I was distracted by the bare walls and lack of art work. There were no pictures, and even worse no windows. Feeling stifled I decided to draw them a picture. I just didn’t know what to draw. So, I shyly asked what their favourite flower was. They told me it was a peony and that their favourite colour was pink. I took a step and started onward on my drawing peonies adventure. Little did I know that drawing such a complex flower would be so incredibly challenging. I am enjoying myself throughout this process, but now find myself fixated on peonies. They have started to pop up everywhere bursting out of yards, and along houses saying hello to me.

This past weekend on one sunny day my daughter and I took a normal trip to Costco. By normal I mean when you only need one thing, but buy 40 items later kind of trip. I was in a bit of a hurry and my girl wanted to explore the garden section. I didn’t have the time for our getting lost in the garden department kind of adventure. I came up with a quick compromise, and offered for us to look at the fresh cut flowers instead.

A Childs joy is a great distraction.

Off my daughter skipped to see all the pretty colours. I told her she could pick one bouquet. She did. She picked a lovely pink bouquet of almost dead looking flowers. They looked terrible. Their long green stems and heavy pink blooms wobbled back and forth as she carried them. I tried to convince her to pick a more perky looking bunch. “Mom! They just need water” she exclaimed. She was delighted and I was feeling doubtful.

When my husband picked us up in the parking lot he looked down at the wilted pink hues and in my memory frowned. Our daughters excitement kept us going along. When we got home I cut the stems and I placed them in a trendy looking vase. I then set the wilted bunch on the table as though it were a grand display.

In the morning, with light streaming through the windows causing that morning glow, those same pink hues were bursting with life. They were incredible. I was stunned. I stood there in my kitchen breathing in deeply their sweet smell and realizing I have been missing out on such an incredible kind of flower. When my daughter woke up I directed her attention towards looking at the transformation on our table. I told her she was right. They did need just a little water after all.

If you stop and take a look all around you there may be people just like this wilted bouquet. Their shoulders are slumped over from the weight of unrealized potential. To put it simply, maybe they are cut off from their source, and in need of just a little bit of water. Do not give up hope. Try to have the faith of a small child and see the beauty in the wilted. Offer them some living water. Then do not be surprised to wake up in the morning of their rescue to see the splendour of it all. A life renewed is a great display that brings a steady fragrance to the world. Breath in deep.

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