His message is Love

Some days I feel overwhelmed with the varying thoughts of humanity regarding God. They seem to speak of all that is required of us rather than directing our thoughts towards all that God has done. These thoughts lead to a place where I feel like I am desperately failing. These thoughts weigh me down. On one particular day I had felt heavy due to a darkly religious Facebook post someone wrote. This is the summary of the things my husband said after I approached him about it. Feeling exasperated I asked him “Is God really like that?” Here is a short summary of his response, and our discussion.

The God of the old testament has a very different relationship with humanity than the God of the new. The God of the old testament is ruler. He responds as a just king. He requires a sacrifice and payment for our sins or failings. The God of the new testament has brought you into the royal family. He sees you through the lens of Jesus. Jesus is the perfect lamb, the sacrifice that takes away the sin of the world. Through this sacrifice the veil that separated us from Gods presence has been destroyed. We can safely come to him if, we are so bold. He sees us now as Heirs and Children of the kingdom. He now responds as a loving and just Father. Now there are only expectations of His children rather than Subjects of His Kingdom.

This is the good news isn’t it? God is for us. Thoughts like these stabilize my being. God, the Holy one of heaven makes a way for us. God made a way to rescue us. It was His idea along with gravity, light, sound, bees, sex, babies, flowers, water, waves, sunshine and sand. We are His wonderful idea and when He has something to say He makes it known. He had something incredible to say when He sent us the miraculous message of His son. After all we did not have it all together when Jesus died for us (Romans 5:8).

God says “I am for you! I am not against you! Come back to me! I am your Father! Jesus is the way!” His new message for the whole world is Love! In Hosea chapter 6 verse 6 God says”[ He ] desires steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.” This may be out of context in regards to the chapter but still it leads us into a glimpse of His character and His thoughts. This is a reminder to me regarding the wonders of Christianity, and I feel sets it apart. It is faith where God brings himself low to be the change for us. He is all we need. He is our righteousness, our patience, our kindness, our creativity, our joy and so much more.

Merry Christmas World! The message has been spoken so long go. Do not ignore it. The great commission is Love.

Love God.

Love Others.

Love Yourself.

2 Comments on “His message is Love

  1. The Love of Jesus Helps Me Love Myself…Wonderful Story Of Love 💘 ❤…You are So Amazing Renee 👏 ❤ 💕 💖

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  2. Amazing Story Wonderful story wonderfully

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