A power presses against you holding you up.

Despite yourself you start to fly.

It is the wind little bird.

Do you feel it?

Can you believe and choose not to be afraid?

It is who you are little bird, and how you were meant to be.

You are meant to soar above the chaos.

Look down, around and discover.

Little bird, do you see the limits of the sky?

See the wild waves crashing against earths rocks?

See the people like ants going to and fro?

You are above the fear and pain.

You’re set with purpose in heavenly places.

Be free. You are safe.

Truth from the start of time speaks to you in gentle tones.

In a whisper truth resides.

Do you hear Him?

“Live in me.”

“I am the wind.”

An endless hope calls out to you in nature.

See glimpses of it?

Do you see the shadows of what’s to come?

It resides there in the colour of your wings.

A graceful blue captures the eye.

Below you a field of flower petals dance.

A sea full of colours swirl like waves in the wind.

Glorious shadows of what is to come surround you.

Proof of a heaven is everywhere.

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