Thoughtful Stars

My husband is an undiscovered inventor. He contemplates before he creates. Meticulously he analyzes and moves the topic around in his mind. When he does start to move, all I have to do is have a little faith. If I am patient enough my questions about what he is doing will eventually be answered along the way.

He is thoughtfully creative. For our daughters second birthday he wanted to do something spectacular for her. So he designed a bed. It wasn’t just an ordinary bed, but a princes bed. It had four tall pillars, white transparent curtains and a roof full of twinkling stars.

So with the help of his Father he spent hours carefully placing each fibre optic cable. He painted the backdrop of the knight sky and they stained each piece of wood a warm brown. Then completed the look with dark metal finishings.

One day as I sat admiring my husbands work. I thought about the love and time he put into preparing a place for her to sleep. Then I felt a being sitting at the edge of our daughters bed. It felt warm and safe. My impression was that it was the father and He was smiling as He looked up at those man made stars. It was like He was telling me “I love you like that, only so much more.”

I think of how much more articulate the Fathers love is towards His children. My heart considers how He placed every single star in the sky just to light our way in the darkness. The stars still hang in the sky reverberating the sound of his voice as he created them. All around us is the evidence that He created a places for us to rest and be. Both purpose and function skillfully dance with beauty on the dance floor of this world. He truly is a good Father and He shows me that Love always prepares a place for me.

Psalms 8:3-9

John 14:3

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