Magic Mind

In your mind picture the person you are the most fond of.

Now picture them walking along a sidewalk on a sunny day. The backdrop of the blue sky highlighting their form.

Consider the curves of their face. Think of their smile and how it sparks your heart.

Move through your thoughts on why you love this person.

Can you hear their voice in your head? Is there something they say to you often? Think of this. Hear their voice in your mind.

Take note of their eyes. See the light in them. What colour are they?

Hear the sound of their laugh. Move through the waves of it. Feel the hearty reaction it brings to you. Allow yourself to smile.

Now consider their shadow. It is dull. Lacking detail it makes no sound.

You cannot reach it. It escapes you. It doesn’t keep you warm or move your heart like only flesh can do.

Now here is found the very comparison of heaven and earth. The very framework of the universe is a mere shadow of heavenly things to come.

The very light in which you stand is merely a casted shadow of a higher reality. Daily we reside in a dull replica of a place we cannot even fathom.

We move through the laugh of a higher plane and breath the air of shadows.

We lose sight of the vibrancy of things when our souls eye is focused only on this moving darkness.

There is more to come.

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